Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold (TM)

Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold (TM)

Join Nelly and Tommy in their quest to retrieve their hidden treasure!
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Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold is an adventure hidden object game developed by Artogon Games for Big Fish Games. It tells the story of a girl, Emily, who is deeply dreaming and when she wakes up she remembers she must take care of her brother since their parents have gone to the city until the evening. The first problem she faces is finding out that the door is closed and the lock is broken so she must find the way out and look for her brother. When Emily finally finds her brother, they will both try to discover the secret of the hidden treasure. Unlike most hidden object games, there is no list of items to find on the screen. In order to find the objects you will have to move your mouse over the screen and it will glitter. Then you must click on it and it will appear a figure with the silhouettes of the objects you need to pick and drop to the circle. You will first visit Emily´s room where, apart from finding the objects, you will be asked to, for instance, place the toys Emily´s brother left scattered all over the floor into a box. As the game has no time limit, you can click as many incorrect times as you like in your search for all of the items. The goal of each level is to complete all of the key objects that appear in the circles and sometimes you can search for multiple pieces to multiple key objects at once and will also have to take a better look, cause sometimes objects are hidden inside other objects.
The story has a correlation as you pass levels. You first are positioned at Emily´s room but in order to go to the next room you first need to find a light since the next room´s lightswitch is broken and you must fix it. If you do it right all the lights will be on. Every time you pass into a different room you will have the chance to solve the mini games or skip them and go on to the story.

Review summary


  • It has superior game play and an excellent story line
  • A hint button that regenerates rather quickly
  • It has no timer at all!!
  • Superb mini games!


  • Circles of objects are quite difficult to find at times and hint option is only available for objects
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